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Meet the Dogs of Whistle HQ

As you might imagine, the Whistle office is a great place for dogs. Why just the other day, the dogs held a meeting to discuss important matters like water bowl placement, proper dog bed cushiness, and where’s the ball (where’s the ball??).

Of course, dogs are masters of balancing work with play, and each one has a unique approach. Let’s get to know a few of them!


The thing about good hosts is that they seem to anticipate everybody’s needs. Duke’s title may be Chief Snack Officer, but he also heads up the welcoming committee and makes an art of greeting guests and doling out friendly kisses all day long. It makes sense since he’s the original inspiration for the company!


Work station need guarding? Our Jax of All Trades is on the job, even when it looks like he’s just napping. His quiet, gentle demeanor keeps the office calm on the busiest of days. Just don’t get confused about who he reports to: it’s his mom. Period. Jax takes a dog’s loyalty to the next level. He’s a stage 5 clinger, as his mama affectionately admits.


Talk about team spirit. Our very own American Dingo juggles a busy schedule of chasing tennis balls, chasing bouncy orange balls, and chasing bouncy red balls. No bouncy purple balls yet, but at his mid-year review he was making excellent progress. We expect great things for Vitas this year.

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It ain’t easy to earn the title Chief Swagger Officer, unless you’ve got moves like Samus. With her unhurried pace and natural grace, she reminds the whole team to slow down and smell the roses. (Really though, slow down, she’s about 1,000 years old and can’t move that fast.)


Firmware is programming that tells a device (like a GPS tracker) what to do. Buster wants you to know that he is Director of Fur-mware, which is very different. We’re not quite sure what it means, but it involves being very friendly and curious, especially during lunchtime.

And last but not least, if you come visit, don’t be surprised when you’re greeted by our friendly, four-legged receptionist. He’s pretty quiet and very patient.

These furry characters brighten our days and now we’re excited to share them with you though our newsletter and future blog posts. These pups have a lot of character and a lot to say - besides, who’s a better dog expert than the pooches themselves.

Sep 15, 2016

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