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Loving Pets, It's Not Complicated

We have an unspoken understanding here at Whistle — dogs first, humans second. I realize that sounds like a PSA with an unexpected twist, so let me explain. When my teammates and I arrive at the office each morning, we first say hi to the dogs (once the various versions of koo-chee-koo-ing come to an end), then we greet each other.

Each of our interactions with the dogs are as unique and different as we are from each other as a team. For example, I get on the floor, let the dogs jump on me, ask them how their day was in Tamil expecting a response (don’t ask). Basically every morning I come to work, I reenact the ending from Homeward Bound —it’s dramatic and real. Nate on the other hand (our rockstar data scientist and Whistle’s gentle giant), quietly pets the dogs and takes them on walks for some one-on-one time. His relationship with Alley, Duke, Barkley and Sasha is more on the "I like you but it's not that serious" level.

The thing we all know well at Whistle is that there are different types of pet lovers; there is no right or wrong way to love dogs, cats, dolphins, or any animal for that matter. We've built a quirky, highly motivated and efficient team of individuals from diverse backgrounds and with varied interests (some of us build cabinets over the weekend while others watch re-runs of 'The Cosby Show' on Hulu—I choose not to reveal which of the two I do for obvious reasons); but the one thing we have in common is that we all care about and want to elevate the space of pet health and technology through our collective experiences and skill sets.

Whether it’s through design, data, engineering or taking part in pet culture (we've rallied around a hashtag that communicates our brand values with #DOLO) Whistle is here to make an impact in the pet space—to improve the lives of pets, as they do ours.

May 30, 2013

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