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Keep Your Dog Safe In Emergencies

When it comes to natural disasters and emergencies, you might have everything ready to keep your human family safe, but have you taken the time to ensure your dog’s safety? It’s hard to think straight during moments of panic, so here are a few things we gathered together with Dr. Jeff Werber that you can do to protect your four-legged family member when disaster strikes.

Plan to find safety

Know the location of the nearest shelter temporarily housing dogs. Many evacuation centers don’t allow pets for health and safety reasons. Know where your nearest pet-friendly boarding facility or vet is located to ensure your pet has a place to stay in the event you are displaced from your home.

Build an emergency kit for your pet

A disaster kit doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. You’ll be surprised at how much you already have on-hand.

  1. Food and water
    • 3 days supply minimum. Canned food is easier to keep from spoiling in storage.
    • Collapsible bowl.
  2. Medical records
    • Vaccinations & medication record.
    • Photo of your dog (for others to help locate if missing).
    • Microchip number, vet documents, and ID tags.
  3. First Aid Kit
    • Antiseptic spray or wipes.
    • Gauze roll or pads.
    • Burn treatment (creams, cold packs, ointment).
    • Emergency foil blanket.
    • Tweezers (for paws / nose).
    • 2 week supply of your dog’s medications.
    • Natural calming treats.
    • Small roll of waste bags.
  4. Extra Gear
    • Dog vest for carrying supplies if possible.
    • Dog coat or boots.
    • Glow sticks & string.
    • Favorite toy or rawhide.

Keep it ready

It’s important to store these things in an easily accessible, dry and secure location. Make sure it’s something you can grab in a hurry.

Hopefully, you will never have to use this guide, but in the unfortunate instance that you find yourself in the midst of a disaster, you’ll be prepared.

Feel free to download and print this mini-guide so you can fill in your own information and keep it for reference.

Oct 11, 2016

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