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July is Pet Loss Prevention Month

Most owners consider their pets members of the family, but 1 in 3 pets will get lost in their lifetime. Even when you hear the statistics, it doesn’t feel like a real risk.

Here at Whistle, we hear stories about pet loss every day, and it’s why we do what we do. The gut-wrenching experience of losing your pet is preventable in many cases, which is why we are so passionate about Pet Loss Prevention Month: 31 days dedicated to raising awareness about the extent of the pet loss problem and providing you with smart, easy solutions to be the best pet parent you can be.

It Happened to Me…

All it takes is a single moment of excitement or curiosity, and even the most well-behaved dogs can get lost. Read on for real life stories from pet owners like you:

Louisa: Lost in the Woods

Louisa, a pitbull mix, was staying with her owner Sarah's parents in the country, with a big backyard and woods behind the house.

“Over time, my parents worked with letting her be off-leash and there were a few times where she would run into the woods but she would always come back within a few minutes.”

“One day in December, Louisa ran off into the woods when my dad looked away for a few seconds and she was gone and unfortunately this time did not come back. As I was living in NYC, the call I received from my family just absolutely devastated me.”

Searching for days…

Sarah drove from the city with friends to search for Louisa with her family. After “2 days of endless searching, posting flyers and social media posts, there were finally sightings of her 6 miles away but by the time my parents got there, she was gone.”

Found just in time…

After two full days, Sarah received a phone call that Louisa was found sleeping outside a business a few minutes from her parents’ house.

“She was very dehydrated, had lost a lot of hair on her face and was completely exhausted, but in high spirits and happy to be back…we're not sure how much longer she would've lasted on her own as it was very cold out, but she was clearly trying to make her way home!”

After this experience, Sarah researched GPS pet trackers and got a Whistle. Good thing, too! As Sarah wrote, “Louisa did try to make a run for it again (she's too curious for her own good!) and my dad was able to track her and find her in 45 minutes.”

Ernie: Cave Adventure with a Porcupine

When Ernie (a Jack Russell Terrier) goes hiking, he’s often allowed to roam off-leash as long as he stays in sight. During an otherwise typical hike, Ernie spotted a porcupine and his instincts to chase it kicked into gear.

In just a few minutes, Ernie was completely out of sight.

Using her Whistle, Ernie’s mom spotted him on the map where she was standing, but didn’t see him anywhere. She heard him barking a few feet away but she couldn’t spot him in any of the surrounding brush. That’s when she realized the sound was coming from underground! He had gotten stuck in an underground cave, about 12 feet down.

First responders hiked in to help rescue Ernie. Without the coverage of GPS tracking, his out-of-sight hiding spot might not have been discovered. Luckily, he only had a few porcupine quills—and a scratched up Whistle GPS Pet Tracker—to mark the eventful day out.

Follow the Rule of Three

Here are three things you can do to prevent pet loss:

1. Make sure your pet’s collar has an updated ID tag

  • A collar with an ID tag tells people that this is a family pet.
  • Up-to-date info tells anyone who finds your dog how to contact you.
  • It also tells them your pet’s name, which will make the experience less scary for your pet.

Only about 40% of owners in the U.S. have their pet outfitted with the proper ID needed to return home. So check now and make sure.

2. Microchip your pet and make sure your registry information is up-to-date

  • If your pet is found and dropped off at a shelter, they will scan for a microchip.
  • Updated info tells the shelter how to contact you.

3. 3G GPS pet tracking

  • Whistle GPS Pet Tracker sends an alert when pets leave their safe zone, so you don’t lose any time.
  • 3G service means more reliable, better coverage—24/7 tracking nationwide—than trackers running on 2G, bluetooth, or wifi systems.
  • Track your pet right on your phone and find them in minutes, not days.

An ID tag and microchip help other people find you once your pet turns up, but GPS tracking puts the control in your hands.

Right now, you can get Whistle GPS Pet Tracker for $79 plus 3 months free service if you order during Pet Loss Prevention Month (offer ends July 31, 2016). Plus, for every pet tracker bought on Whistle.com until July 31, Whistle will donate $2.50 to the shelters and rescues in the Whistle Shelter Love program.

With vacation travel, pet sitters, visitors who leave the gate open, and startling loud noises from fireworks and thunderstorms, summer can set off unpredictable behavior. Don’t spend it searching for your lost pet. Prepare for pet safety and choose warm days and nights adventuring together!

Jul 6, 2016

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