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Dog Tales from Jasper and Quin

Let me start by introducing Jasper and Quin, our two Lakeland Terriers. Jasper is four years old and has taken her throne as the Queen of our household. If we get too close to her when she's sleeping, she growls. If we don't feed her on time, she barks. If Quin steps out of line, she nips him. She's at the front of the line for ear scratches, tummy rubs and a scratch in just the right spot on her back.

Lakeland Terriers

Quin is our down-trodden little lad. Following his bloodline, he's Jasper's Uncle but he's only three years old and the most placid dog I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. He's not the smartest of dogs, he tries to eat water instead of drinking it and he's sometimes scared by the doggy door. He loves to sleep as close to us as possible, he can't wait to jump on our lap and he takes any opportunity to sneak a cheeky kiss.

Lakeland Terriers

Now that you know a little more about Jasper and Quin, here's a little insight into some of their favourite things...

Food. Any type of food. Even if it's what humans call 'wood', to Jasper and Quin, it's food. For dinner, they both eat BARF (kangaroo and chicken is their favourite flavour) and nothing gets them to sit, shake and drop quicker than my homemade liver treats.

Living in the Adelaide Hills we're surrounded by walking trails and beaches - luckily, both of these are on Jasper and Quin's Favourite Things list. Nothing beats a long walk on a brisk winters day through the hills. Across bridges, fallen logs and through creeks and bush land; Jasper and Quin race in and out of the water, chasing birds and exercising their inner terrier.

In summer, we head to the beach where Jasper will run into the water chasing her floatie toy while Quin waits on the sand. When Jasper is about five meters from the beach, Quin dives in, grabs the other end of the toy and then it's on. Up and down, round and round, growling, barking and upsetting any sort of peace that was existing close by. After a romp along the beach, we head to brunch where Jasper and Quin will rest under the table, quietly waiting to sniper food as it falls from the tabletop.

It's not all eating and running though. Jasper and Quin's favourite thing of all time is their Doggy Bliss massage. Every six weeks, we queue the classical music, Grissy unfolds her massage table and the dogs are treated to a 30 minute massage each. By the end of their treatment, two very sleepy dogs are left to lay around drinking water for the rest of the day.

Dog massage Lakeland Terriers

A few of Jasper and Quin's other favourite things include dressing up, watching TV, jumping on the bed, chasing lizards, lazing by the fire, jumping in puddles, digging in their water bowl, car trips and visits from Nanna and Grandad.

The pictures of Jasper and Quin featured in this blog post were taken by Shannon Plummer.

Jasper and Quin love meeting and playing with other dogs. Feel free to tweet your photos to @JasperandQuin, I'll show Jasper and Quin and tweet a photo of them back to you.

Tom Williamson

A very special thank you to Tom Williamson, a fellow dog lover, for sharing Jasper and Quin's story. If you'd like to contribute to Whistle's Community, drop us a note at hello@whistle.com.

Jun 20, 2013

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