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Introducing Whistle

Whistle started with a love of pets. 

As a lifelong dog owner, I have experienced the simple, uncomplicated joy of having that companion by one's side.  Running in the park. Playing in the yard. Relaxing in the house. It was summed up best in the saying: "Dogs are not our whole life—but they make our lives whole."

I've also experienced the harder side of loving an animal unconditionally. Losing a five-year-old German Shepherd to sudden intestinal issues. Spending whatever it takes to alleviate the pain of aging Lhaso Aspo's deteriorating arthritis. Not knowing when to go to the vet, and when we did, waiting nervously for any insight.

As part of the extraordinary community of dog and cat owners, I know  my concerns then and now are not unique. Desiring to give our pets everything they need, many of us have no idea how to best take care of our companions through the different stages of their lives. Day-to-day needs of rest, activity, nutrition, and long-term trends in health and behavior remain guesswork.


Not just owners, but vets seeking information.

I recognized there was a gap in understanding for owners. What I didn't realize was veterinarians sought the same information. Before beginning work on what would become Whistle, we spent time with medical professionals at leading academic research institutions, veterinary organizations, and independent hospitals.

What we heard was consistent and surprising:

"Any information on the pet's day-to-day would be extraordinary. Right now we are left to ask to the owner about recent trends, and they often simply don't know."

"We typically see patients and parents in a reactive state - without any context on the dog or cat between that time and the 2-3 years earlier when they were last in the office."

"I always say – we're pediatricians but the child can't speak. The one in pain has no way to communicate their needs in a timeframe for us to give that animal the best care."

Whistle's goal is to bridge this gap.

We created Whistle to solve this problem. To capture and make sense of data about our beloved dogs, cats, and other pets—data that today does not exist.  Working with the veterinary community to use this information to ensure every pet lives the longest, healthiest life.

With that mission, at the core of everything we do are the following beliefs:

  • The relationship with our pets is one of the most important bonds we have.

  • The key to any relationship is understanding, and smart products built upon smart data will bridge an information gap between pets, owners, and vets.

  • Our purpose is to create a system to support this—one that enriches each pet-owner relationship, one that grows with every animal that joins in, and one that informs an understanding of pets never before possible.

  • For the first time, Whistle will enable owners and vets to ensure they are taking the best care of their animals and open a new wave in preventative care. We're thrilled to have you and your pets join us in achieving this goal of adding happy, healthy years to every pet's life.

Jun 4, 2013

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