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Expert Tip for the Whistle App: Track Vs. Locate

What's the difference between tracking and locating my pet with the Whistle?

In order to explore this expert tip, open the Whistle app on your smartphone.

1. Now click the menu icon in the upper left corner.

2. From the menu, select ‘Maps.’

add menu whistle app
add menu whistle app

3. Now you will see a map view displaying your pet's location and two buttons: ‘Refresh GPS’ and ‘Track.’

The buttons will only work if your pet is out of the Whistle zone. If your pet is in the zone and you try to use one of these buttons, you will get a popup message telling you that your pet is near the base station.

To test how these buttons work, use it when your pet is outside the Whistle zone, maybe on a walk with another caretaker.

Let's break down the difference between these two functions:

Refresh GPS

The ‘Refresh GPS Button’ is for a one time update on your pet's location. By tapping the ‘Refresh GPS’ button from the ’Maps’ screen, Whistle sends a one time update of where your pet is, but it will not continue to track his movement from that spot to the next.


Use the ‘Track’ button from the ‘Maps’ screen to follow your pet's location for 30 minutes, with an updated location every 3 minutes. Once you have tapped the ‘Track’ button, the app will provide you with two new buttons: ‘Cancel’ and ‘Confirm.’ Tap ‘Confirm’ to proceed with tracking.

The ‘Track’ feature is helpful when you need to see your pet's route while he's on the move. You can cease tracking at anytime by tapping the ‘Cancel’ button in the ‘Maps’ view.

You can initiate the ‘Track’ and ‘Refresh GPS’ buttons once your pet is outside its Whistle zone, as they won’t work if your pet is close to the base station.

If you have any questions about how to use either one of these functions, contact support@whistle.com for help.

Oct 24, 2016

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