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Expert Tip For The Whistle App: Setting Reminders & Logging Meals

Dogs like routine and find set meal times reassuring. When possible, consistently feed your dog the same way: same time, same place and same bowl. You can even use the Whistle app to set reminders and log meals to help you and your dog's other caretakers stay on track. Read on for tips on how to use the Whistle app to help your dog succeed in his weight loss journey.

How Can I Log My Dog’s Meals?

(1) Open the Whistle app on your smartphone and tap the green ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen.

(2) A menu allowing you to select what you want to add to your pet's timeline will appear.
(3) Tap the Food icon
(4) On the Food Note screen, type in your notes and tap ‘Post’.

Logging meals will let you see an overview of feeding times and frequency so you can make sure you’re not feeding too often or too infrequently. With each meal logged, you can easily add a note signifying the food quantity so multiple caretakers can make sure to feed your dog the right amount.

How Can You Set Up Reminders To Feed Your Dog On Time?

App Hack: Use the Medication Reminders as food reminders to help you keep track of when to feed your dog his special diet food!

You can use the ‘Log Medications’ function in the Whistle app to set up reminders to notify you when to feed your dog or, if needed, when to administer medications. Let’s look at how to do this:

(1) In the Whistle app, tap the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen.

(2) The highlight menu, consisting of four green icons, will appear. Tap the Medication icon to the right.

(3) To add a new medication, on the Medication Note screen, tap ‘Add Medication’. You can also use this to add a certain brand of dog food, i.e. Royal Canin diet food.

(4) To create a new medication, on the Medications screen, tap ‘New Medication’.

(5) On the Medication screen, type in the description (like dosage and other details), and add a photo of the food or medication plus any relevant notes.

(6) To set a recurring or one-time reminder, tap the toggle beside ‘Reminder’.

(7) Select the details for the reminder (frequency, date, time). Note: To add a second reminder for this medication, tap ‘Add Reminder’.
(8) When all changes are made, tap ‘Save’.
(9) When the time comes for the reminder, you will receive a notification through the app.
(10) Once you have given your pet the medication or food, tap ‘Done’. Now a new event will appear in your pet's timeline.

Treating your dog’s special diet food as a kind of ‘medication’ helps you and other caretakers stay on track with your dog's weight loss journey. Use the Log Meal and Medication Reminder features to ensure your dog is getting the most out of his diet plan.

Write to us for help with logging meals or setting up reminders at support@whistle.com.

Nov 29, 2016

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