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Working To Get Your Dog To A Healthy Weight? Here's Why You're A Hero

Don't beat yourself up if your vet has recently told you that your dog is overweight, or even obese. Lots of pet owners feel guilty for allowing their pups to pack on the pounds – they wonder if they weren't giving their dog enough exercise or feeding them too much, or neglecting some other important factor. The truth is, there can be one or multiple reasons why your dog has reached an unhealthy weight, but rather than dwelling on it, we salute you for taking action and working hard to get your pup back to a healthy weight. Way to go you!

Here's a reminder why you should keep it up:

As your veterinarian probably discussed with you, obesity affects a dog's health, quality of life and can shorten his life expectancy. These are a few of the symptoms you can expect from a pet afflicted by obesity:

  • Exercise intolerance - dogs are at their happiest when they can walk, run and play freely. Unfortunately, when a dog gains weight, his mobility takes a hit. He may become tired more easily due to the added exertion of moving more weight around. His joints might start hurting from the extra impact they're undertaking, shortness of breath and difficulty functioning in hot weather are just a few more of the nasty side effects that come with extra pounds.
  • Joint problems - Excess weight can damage the joints and ligaments. Don't despair though, mobility often improves after weight loss, so don't think it's too late to get your dog back in shape.
  • Reduction of life expectancy - Sadly, overweight dogs have a shorter life expectancy than dogs of an ideal body condition.

If you've started a weight loss program for your pup, you're already a hero. You're saving your best bud from all of the unfortunate side effects that come with pet obesity. Don't worry that it's too late or that you've failed your dog, every minute is a chance to turn it all around and start your pup on a healthy regime that will increase his overall health and happiness. Go get 'em tiger!

Dec 20, 2016

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