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Easy Ways To Mentally & Physically Stimulate Your Dog

Dogs are a man's best friend for a lot of reasons, but one of the them is the emotional similarities between man and dog. As humans, we need emotional, mental, and physical stimulation to feel happy and fulfilled. Your four-legged bestie needs the same thing. Obviously the types of activities that are mentally and physically engaging are different for dogs and humans, but the importance of exercising mind and body is the same.

We know you love your pup and you want to make him happy, so here are a few easy ways to stimulate him both mentally and physically. *Note: If your dog is currently on a weight loss program, it's vital for him to be mentally and physically stimulated to promote healthy, happy weight loss.

Read on for easy tips to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated.

We know many dogs are motivated by food, but try and swap out food incentives for activities they love. Here are a few classic games pups adore:

  • Fetch - Classic? Yes. Effective? Absolutely. Dogs innately love the idea of retrieving something and (hopefully) bringing it back to their favorite person. You can vary this by asking your dog to wait before they collect the object you have thrown, or try and teach them the difference between several objects to be collected on command. Check out this pup, who knows each of her 1,000 toys by name and brings them on command!
  • Hide and Seek - Don't we all love this game? Your dog certainly does! Find one of your dog's toys, show it to them and then hide it somewhere while they stay still. Send them on a mission to find it and congratulate them when they bring it back to you. This is a good game for indoors, as well as outdoors—no sunshine necessary.
  • Double the fun - You can easily teach your dog to take an object you've given to another person. As your dog gets more capable, increase the distance between you and your partner so they have to move further!

When your dog responds well to your commands you can reward them with a special treat. For pups on a weight loss mission, reward them with a kibble taken from their daily ration.

There are lots of games you can play with your pup, these are just a few of the tried and true that can help keep your best friend emotionally and physically stimulated. Plus, these games can really benefit our four-legged buddies who are trying to shed a few pounds.

Dec 8, 2016

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