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@DogsofInstagram Reviews Whistle

This review was written by the humans behind @DogsOfInstagram, a rambunctiously vibrant feed, providing a community of 650,000+ canine-lovers with their daily dose of the cutest pups on Instagram. Together, this couple improves the life of Lucy the Bugg, as she does theirs.


Welcome to 2014. A year where we have been regaled with the nitty-gritty of our friends FittyBittyness more times than we care to recall. More than once, we have politely suffered through grid after map after chart of friends' sleep patterns, heart rate, and, quite literally, their every move. Of the lazy exerciser variety, we didn't see practical application for an activity tracker in our life.

Our error in relevance, however, was that we never considered such a tool existed for our dog. Enter: Whistle, a $129 on-collar monitor that keeps tabs on our Lucy's daily activity that also captures insights on her long-term behavior and health. We put our tails between our legs on the topic of activity tracking devices, because we're only one week into owning a Whistle and we're already seeing the positive benefits of observing Lucy's activity and trends. It's not only analysis of Lucy's health, but it's also representative of her humans' behaviors and the quality of care we provide.

Appy as a Clam Given our work with @DogsOfInstagram, we spend a lot of time on our phones. For this reason, we're quick to determine whether an app is worthwhile, whether it does or doesn't make sense for our lives. Off the bat, we were impressed with Whistle's aesthetic. Whistle is clean and beautiful. It's really simple to use. The app loads quickly and the photos are high resolution. In terms of user friendliness, there are limited functions - such as a goal setting, an intensity timeline, and seamless social media integration - so we felt like we commanded it with fast-found confidence, navigating and uploading updates immediately with ease.

Whistle While You Work While away from our pup, Whistle has helped us to keep Lucy top of mind. Between meetings and on lunch breaks, we both find ourselves adding Whistle checks to our workday routines. Due to heightened awareness, we've been generally more curious about Lucy's day-to-day activities when we're not together, noting how long she has been resting and receiving alerts when her other human stops home to take her out. We find ourselves daydreaming on the commute home about our evening ahead with Lucy - if we scoot out of work early enough, we might be able to get to a dog park. Not only would a walk around the block help us all unwind from a long workday, but Whistle's Bluetooth pairing will gives us props with a record of the outing.

Share in the Care Lucy is part Boston terrier and part pug, part my responsibility and part my boyfriend's duty. In this co-parenting endeavor, we have found the Whistle to be an empowering "divide & conquer" tool. Lucy doesn't get overfed, because he lets me know when he feeds her and how much she ate. Lucy is now getting sufficient exercise, because my boyfriend sees that I walked her midday and he gets another jaunt in after dinner. Thanks to Whistle, we have a living log of all the fun time the three of us spend together. We even high five when we hit her daily goal!

Overall Consensus The Whistle is keeping us motivated to be a better caregivers to Lucy. The Whistle not only gives us a grasp on Lucy's day-to-day and the quality of her life, but how her life compares to dogs' of similar breed and size. Knowledge is power, people. The Whistle is helping us make data-driven decisions. Thus far, we are pleased with what the Whistle does and what it has inspired within us as more conscientious dog owners. Given the technology piece, we do, however, expect that Whistle will evolve and add features as the app matures and it captures more doggy data. With a mission of "improving the lives of pets, as they do ours," this gadget is promoting moments of tail wagging love and 'appiness. Lucy's included.

Apr 25, 2014

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