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Dogs on the Internet

I've often wondered about what dogs are up to while we're not looking. Are they actually secret agents fighting against the cat menace, like in the film "Cats & Dogs"? Well, probably not. But thanks to Whistle, we can now know what our best friends have been up to throughout the day, and whether they're getting enough activity and enough sleep. With all that data being recorded, it will be interesting to see how activity differs from week-to-week. With Dad gone on a business trip, did Spot mope around the house? And look at all the playtime Daisy got during the weekend at the beach!

As someone who comes from a family full of dogs, I am quite aware of their capacity for amusing antics. While Whistle may not be able to record the hijinks we miss to video, fortunately many fine people have recorded and uploaded their dog's adorable and hilarious moments to the Internet for our viewing pleasure. Let's take a look at some of the activities Whistle can track, but you certainly wouldn't want to miss…





Paul Sailer

A very special thank you Paul Sailer, a fellow dog lover for this entertaining post. If you'd like to contribute to Whistle's Community, drop us a note at hello@whistle.com.

Jul 10, 2013

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