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A Dog Walk With Sari

We caught up with New York City native, Sari Imberman and her Portuguese "NOT" Water Dog, Taco  just after Thanksgiving in Gramercy Park to get some tips on raising a city dog and learned about when Taco christened a baby.

Whistle: Tell me a little bit about Taco.

Sari: We got him when he was 8 weeks old and only 9 pounds. He’s two and a half years old now and is a true city dog. He hates the car and the rain. His athleticism comes out when he jumps to clear the puddles.


Whistle: Any tips for caring for a dog in a big city?

Sari: Train them as much as possible and socialize them like it’s your job. I would sit outside my apartment and make him say hi to everyone. Now that has come back to bite me because it takes me so much longer to go places because he insists on saying hi to everyone.


Whistle: What does Taco like to eat?

Sari: His favorite foods in the world are all vegetables, particularly sugar snap peas. His second favorite is green beans. He also enjoys broccoli and cauliflower. We discovered his love for veggies last winter the weather was horrendous in NY so we didn’t make it to the dog park as often and Taco started gaining weight. We cut his kibble intake in half and started using vegetables as treats.

Whistle: What is your favorite way to use Whistle?

Sari: I love the activity monitor because it gamifies walking my dog. If he’s shy of his goal we will take him for a long walk. Or we will do 10 minutes of hallway fetch. It’s also peace of mind for us knowing that Taco is getting enough activity.

Whistle: Do you have dog friendly places in NYC that you love to take Taco to? 

Sari: We take him everywhere. Just last weekend we brought him to Gap, Anthropologie, and Athleta. His favorite is probably Lululemon on Union Square because they have Taco’s favorite treats.


Whistle: Has Taco ever embarrassed you?

Sari: Taco has an excitement peeing problem. He’s 100% house trained but when he gets really excited it’s a different story. My friend was pregnant and when she walked into my apartment Taco ran over to her jumped up on her to give her kisses and peed all over her belly. We kept joking that he was christening the baby.


Whistle: On that note, what is the best way to clean up accidents?

Sari Clean up as much as you can and then sprinkle white wine vinegar and baking soda on the trouble area. Let it dry then vacuum it up. You might have to repeat it once or twice but it will get the stain out.

Jan 16, 2015

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