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An Oceanographer and Her Dog

Tina Haskins, one of Whistle's Community Members, shares what interests her most about the Whistle Activity Monitor for her dog:

As an oceanographer, I love data. Data can tell me what the ocean is doing, or even predict what the ocean will do. Data is priceless and can provide you with answers you weren't even looking for. All of this data comes from sensors that sample the changing world. Whistle does exactly the same thing for my four-legged friend. It collects data which provides you with the confirmation of activities or habits you already know of, but most importantly it can also point to issues and information you would never have guessed. This discovery of the unknown is what makes being an oceanographer so intriguing and important, and why I got a Whistle for Kona.

I've had Kona for a little over two years. As a rescue, I missed out on the first three years of his life. While he looks like a pure breed Australian Shepherd, I have no idea what his parents actually were or what his life was like. Down in North Carolina, he wandered onto a couple's farm and didn't want to leave. He had no collar or microchip and looked pretty rough around the edges. There was no luck at finding his prior owners, so the couple started trying to find him a good home. As soon as I stumbled across his posting, it was love at first sight. I packed a bag and drove from New Jersey to North Carolina. We had a little bit of a rocky start but now we are inseparable.


Unfortunately, my job makes me travel to places that are less than dog friendly (Antartica!) for days, weeks, even on occasion months at a time. Kona is always left in capable hands, but no one knows my dog better than me. I tend to be a nervous nelly always calling to check-in on him, because he really is my furry four-legged child.

With Whistle, I can use the data to calm my internal overbearing parent. While collecting data and seeing trends during a "normal" day in the life of Kona, I have been able to gather a baseline (science nerd!). Then, while I am traveling, I can watch for any anomalies. This can come in really helpful in detecting possible ailments that I could then alert my pet sitter to. In reality, if I see that Kona is happy and healthy, maybe I don't have to pester my pet sitter as much.

Tina Haskins

A very special thank you to Tina Haskins for taking the time to talk to us. If you'd like to contribute to Whistle's Community, drop us a note at hello@whistle.com.

Aug 9, 2013

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