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A brighter, richer iOS experience


We are happy to announce new features now available for the iOS version of the Whistle app.


Bluetooth data syncing

We have enabled data syncing using Bluetooth. Now Whistle will send updates automatically to your phone using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This feature will be activated on all Whistle devices over the next few weeks.


Simpler navigation

We changed the way you navigate between days, giving you a better picture of daily progress. The new navigation also makes the app faster and easier to read.


A more detailed view of the day

You can now see timestamps on the graph so you know exactly when your dog's activity is occurring. You'll also be able to zoom in on the graph to see more detail.


Rest events

We have made it easier to see how much rest your dog is getting throughout the day with rest events.


Activity intensity and duration

Activities will now include additional information like intensity and duration, so you have a better sense for the type and quality of exercise your dog is getting.


Notes and photos

Capture and create your own moments, whether you played fetch on the beach or just have an urge to share that really cute picture of your dog. Custom notes include: food, medication, status updates and photos.


Share highlights to social networks

You can now share your favorite Whistle moments with your friends and family to your favorite social networks. You can share photos, activities, notes, and even a summary of your dog’s activity for the day.


Change activity types (coming later in March)

We’re constantly working to improve our detection of activity types like walks, runs and playtime, and now you can help us get better too. Our new design lets you quickly change an activity type from a walk to a play.

Mar 7, 2014

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