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5 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe On The 4th Of July

While the Fourth of July is all about celebration, fireworks and other big-bang festivities can spook even the calmest pooch, sending him out the door and miles away before you've noticed he's missing.

July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters, with lost-pet reports spiking by 30 percent nationwide. Without proper microchip or collar identification, 90 percent of those pets never return home. Acting fast when your pet is on the move is critical.

Use these tips to keep your BFF (Best Furry Friend) safe and sound, despite the rockets' red glare:

Update Your Dog's Identification

You should always keep your pet's microchip and collar ID information updated – and for high-risk situations like the Fourth of July, it's especially important. Nothing can delay the return of a pet like an outdated contact number, or worse, no owner info on record.

Get Your Dog Moving Early to Avoid a Late Escape

Make sure your pup gets plenty of exercise early in the day before the parties and fireworks kick off. Extra activity can wear him out and help him relax so he's not a ball of pent up energy, ready to dash for the door at the first kaboom.

Keep Your Dog Inside

This festive holiday brings a lot of unpredictability, so it's best to keep your pup inside. Lower the blinds and close the windows to help shield your dog from the frightening noises and flashes of light that come with fireworks, firecrackers and other loud celebrations.

Set up a Retreat

Once your dog is inside, make sure he has a safe place to retreat, like his crate or bed, if he gets scared. Gentle music or white noise can help mask the sounds of the action outside. Be sure to check on your dog and give him a little love every few hours to reinforce his sense of security.

Track Your Dog's Location

Take measures to prevent your pup from getting too far if he does manage to escape. During parties and events, even the most conscientious pet owners might not realize that Spot has fled until he's already been gone awhile. Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker alerts you within minutes if your scared or independence-minded pooch escapes from his safe place, and lets you begin tracking his location immediately when you get the alert.

Make sure your location tracker is fully charged and on your pet's collar by the morning of the Fourth, so you can find your dog quickly if he gets spooked and hightails it. (Whistle 3 also works for scaredy cats—who, like dogs, hate loud noises and bright flashes.) Don't have a GPS tracker yet? Order your Whistle 3 now to save $20 (plus your peace of mind).

The Fourth of July should be a fun-filled day with your family and friends—human and furry. Follow these tips to keep your pets safe and calm, so you can avoid turning your holiday pool party into a lost pet search party.

Jun 14, 2017

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