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Whistle Blog Pet Tips, Tricks, And Treats | Page 12

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Daily Activity Promotes Wellness

We know the two keys for staying healthy are diet and exercise. We also know that our long-term health and happiness are tied to being active and having fun. Turns out, the same rules apply to our dogs!

Keeping our dogs active keeps them fit, happy...

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Classifying Dogs’ Activities

What we wanted to do

In addition to providing general activity information, we wanted to provide pet owners with insights into the type of activities their dogs perform (e.g. playing, walking, resting, etc.). By classifying specific activities, Whistle...

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Loving Pets, It's Not Complicated

We have an unspoken understanding here at Whistle — dogs first, humans second. I realize that sounds like a PSA with an unexpected twist, so let me explain. When my teammates and I arrive at the office each morning, we first say hi to the dogs (once...

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Power Consumption of Mobile Devices

Power consumption is one of the most critical aspects of a mobile device, and requires a huge amount of thought and effort throughout development. The first step of this development took place at the component selection phase of the process. Before...

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