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Whistle Blog Pet Tips, Tricks, And Treats | Page 10

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10 Questions to Ask Your Dog Walker

Trust. You can't hire a dog walker without it. After all, you're putting your pup in their care as well as allowing access to your home. That's a lot of responsibility to put in a stranger's hands. That's why the interview process is so crucial. These...

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Worlds Colliding

I've always been a dog lover and a tech person. And now, Whistle is making those my two passions collide. It was quite some time ago, I was browsing Google+ and noticed a green icon sharing countdown posts. I had no clue what it was or what was going...

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An Oceanographer and Her Dog

Tina Haskins, one of Whistle's Community Members, shares what interests her most about the Whistle Activity Monitor for her dog:

As an oceanographer, I love data. Data can tell me what the ocean is doing, or even predict what the ocean will do. Data...

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Dogs on the Internet

I've often wondered about what dogs are up to while we're not looking. Are they actually secret agents fighting against the cat menace, like in the film "Cats & Dogs"? Well, probably not. But thanks to Whistle, we can now know what our best friends...

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