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If you are having specific issues with your Whistle product that are not covered by our Support Center articles, you can also raise a support ticket and one of our friendly customer advocates will investigate the issue and be in touch to help.


Join our product community to connect with the Whistle product team directly and request and vote on upcoming features.

We’ve created a few community guidelines to make sure the Product Community is a fun a safe space for everyone. To get started, create an account and let us know you agree to the community guidelines - then, let’s start collaborating together.


Product Feedback/Request Participation Guidelines

Welcome to the Whistle Product Community. Here you can share your thoughts about the Whistle experience, make suggestions about what you'd like to see in future updates, and hear what we're planning.

Search for a topic first

If you have a suggestion, please look through the existing posts to see if the suggestion has already been made. There's a good chance we've started a conversations about the idea, or another customer has made a similar suggestion. Duplicate requests of the same topic will be consolidated into one post to keep everyone on the same page.

Vote for suggestions you like

Vote for features - up or down- these matter to our team and we always take them into consideration. So if you see a suggestion that would help improve Whistle, take time to vote for it. Provide details in your comment or post If you find a post that matches your idea, add a comment with details about your situation. If you don't find a post that matches your idea, go ahead and create your own.

We are listening

While we cannot respond to every comment, we read all of the feedback that comes through our Product Community, without exception. We take feedback seriously as it drives many of the changes and improvements we make to Whistle. Your comments are a vital part of making Whistle better.

Work well with others

To keep the community constructive and supportive of our Whistle users and product team, we won’t tolerate bullying or harassment. We invite everyone to participate and speak freely on their opinions of the product, but will remove any content that targets, shames or degrades others. We may also remove certain kinds of sensitive content, including explicit language or personal information about an individual. Lastly, while we will operate with utmost transparency, we ask that everyone respect copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property and other legal rights.

Thank you for contributing and helping to make this community a great asset for everyone. By creating a Product Community account, you agree to these community guidelines. We encourage you to check back occasionally to review the terms and make note of any important changes.

We value your feedback and are happy to have a place to engage in these conversations.

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