We love pets

We believe the relationship with our pets is one of the most important bonds we have in life, and that a better understanding of our pets’ health is critical to strengthening that connection.

Our expertise in pets, technology, and data analytics has allowed us to build a company set on developing a system of smart products for owners and vets — a system that grows with every owner that joins in, has the power to enrich each pet-owner relationship, and carries the potential to add years to every pet's life.


We are a passionate group of technologists with collective experience across leading technology and consumer products companies, including Amazon, AOL, Apple, Bain, BCG, Genentech, Google, HP, Microsoft, Philips, Sierra Wireless, Sony Ericsson, and Texas Instruments.

  • Ben

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Steven

    Co-Founder & COO

  • Kevin

    Co-Founder & CTO

  • Heather


  • Nate

    Principal Engineer & Data Scientist

  • Ernie

    Staff Firmware Engineer

  • Brian

    Lead Rails Engineer

  • Brad

    VP of Software

  • Stephanie

    Data Scientist

  • Pete

    Lead Android Engineer

  • Julia

    Communications Director

  • Nicole

    Firmware Engineer

  • Laura

    Senior Rails Engineer

  • Luciano

    Rails Engineer

  • Katie

    Growth Marketing Manager

  • Garret

    Senior Dev Ops Engineer

  • Bobbi

    Billing Supervisor

  • Joe

    Senior Operations Engineer

  • Alice

    Assistant Beta Program Manager

  • Michael

    Customer Experience Operations Manager

  • Kat

    Marketing Manager

  • Trizza

    Customer Experience Lead

  • Xin

    Firmware Manager

  • Colin

    Technical Support Lead

  • Rebecca

    SD Office Manager & Operations Analyst

  • Brenda

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Nicole

    Billing Lead

  • Mary

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Scott

    Senior iOS Engineer

  • Malia

    User Experience Designer

  • Marlou

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Shannon

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Jenny

    Senior Accounting Manager

  • Alan

    Lead Electrical Engineer

  • Kevin

    Director of Customer Experience

  • Robert

    Director of Operations

  • Brynne

    Customer Experience Lead

  • Jasmin

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Patrick

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Niko

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Laura

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Daniel

    Customer Experience Supervisor

  • Justin

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Madilyn

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Cris

    DevOps Engineer

  • Garrett

    Business Analyst

  • Amber

    SF Office Manager & HR Coordinator

  • Brendan

    Firmware Engineer

  • Ashley

    Associate Product Manager

  • Zach

    Staff Accountant

  • Michael

    QA Manager

  • Steven

    Android Developer

  • Challey

    Director of Growth Marketing

  • Stanley

    Director of Product

  • Kathryn


  • Nahum

    Technical Program Manager

  • George

    Hardware Systems Engineer

  • Nate

    iOS Engineer

  • Samhita

    Optimization & Analytics Manager

  • Stanley

    Software Engineer

  • Andy

    Data Scientist

  • Lotus

    QA Lead

  • Adam

    Engineering Lead

  • David

    Senior QA Engineer

  • Russell

    Marketing Technical Lead

  • Anna

    Web Developer

  • Marvin

    QA Analyst

  • Sara

    Social & Content Marketing Manager

  • Sasha

    Product Designer

  • Anh

    Marketing Designer

  • Ladan

    Channel & Partner Marketing Manager

  • Javier

    Business & Financial Analyst

  • Alexis

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Leah

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Billieann

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Memorie

    Technical Support Advocate

Office Pets

They're the reason we do what we do. Their happy faces and weird personalities make our work all worth it. From beta-testing the first prototypes to taste-testing the things we have for lunch, they've proven to be invaluable coworkers and companions.

  • Amy


    President of Purring

  • Archer


    Always On Target

  • Bronn


    Sofa King

  • Caliope


    Resident Jungle Cat

  • Charlie


    Charlie in Charge

  • Dexter


    Sr. Herding Engineer

  • Doodle


    Executive Lap Warmer

  • Duke


    Chief Snacks Officer

  • Eva


    Resident Meow‑sician

  • Fiona


    Principal Snack Tester

  • Kimchi


    Treat Czar

  • King


    King of Whistle

  • Leo


    VP of Emotional Support

  • Marco


    Executive Branch Manager

  • Milly


    Director of Naptime

  • Nanook


    Suburb Sled Dog

  • Nicky


    Chief Instigator

  • Pearl


    Wanna play tug of war?!

  • Poi


    Senior PigOps Engineer

  • Sage


    VP of Giving Paw

  • Samus


    Chief Swagger Officer

  • Saphira


    Suburban Sled Dog

  • Sasha


    The Freshest of Princes

  • Snoopy


    Chief Muffin Officer

  • Sydney


    Finance Guard Chiweenie

  • Walle



  • Zuzu


    Tennis Ball Analyst

We're always looking to add to the pack.

If you have a passion for pets and a love of technology, then check out our open positions below. Feel free to email us at jobs@whistle.com and tell us more about yourself, even if you don’t see an exact fit.

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