We love pets

We believe the relationship with our pets is one of the most important bonds we have in life, and that a better understanding of our pets’ health is critical to strengthening that connection.

Our expertise in pets, technology, and data analytics has allowed us to build a company set on developing a system of smart products for owners and vets — a system that grows with every owner that joins in, has the power to enrich each pet-owner relationship, and carries the potential to add years to every pet's life.


We are a passionate group of technologists with collective experience across leading technology and consumer products companies, including Amazon, AOL, Apple, Bain, BCG, Genentech, Google, HP, Microsoft, Philips, Sierra Wireless, Sony Ericsson, and Texas Instruments.

  • Ben Jacobs

    Ben Jacobs

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Steven Eidelman

    Steven Eidelman

    Co-Founder & COO

  • Kevin Lloyd

    Kevin Lloyd

    Co-Founder & CTO

  • Scott Neuberger

    Scott Neuberger


  • Heather Wajer

    Heather Wajer


  • Nate Yoder

    Nate Yoder

    Principal Engineer & Data Scientist

  • Ernie Aguilar

    Ernie Aguilar

    Staff Firmware Engineer

  • Brian Nguyen

    Brian Nguyen

    Lead Rails Engineer

  • Brad Taylor

    Brad Taylor

    VP of Software

  • Mark Sires

    Mark Sires

    Director of Product Design

  • Amy Fong

    Amy Fong

    Quality Assurance Lead

  • Stephanie Tai

    Stephanie Tai

    Data Scientist

  • Arman Nobari

    Arman Nobari

    Senior Visual Designer

  • Nicole Yu

    Nicole Yu

    Firmware Engineer

  • Julia Waneka

    Julia Waneka

    Communications Director

  • Pete Doyle

    Pete Doyle

    Mobile Engineer

  • Laura Popa

    Laura Popa

    Senior Rails Engineer

  • Lauren Miner

    Lauren Miner

    People and Culture Operations Manager

  • Katie Nunez

    Katie Nunez

    Customer Marketing Manager

  • Daniel Harman

    Daniel Harman

    Director of Product

  • Garret Pick

    Garret Pick

    Senior Dev Ops Engineer

  • Katie Shirley

    Katie Shirley

    Marketing Specialist

  • Stephen Gardea

    Stephen Gardea

    Customer Experience Manager

  • Balaji Simma

    Balaji Simma

    Senior Staff Firmware Engineer

  • Bobbi Youngblood

    Bobbi Youngblood

    Customer Experience Manager

  • Alice Chiu

    Alice Chiu

    Assistant Beta Program Manager

  • Michael Janczyn

    Michael Janczyn

    Customer Experience Operations

  • Luciano Altube

    Luciano Altube

    Rails Engineer

  • Emmy Armintrout

    Emmy Armintrout

    Web Developer

  • Joe Schneider

    Joe Schneider

    Senior Operations Engineer

  • Dan Hess

    Dan Hess

    Lead Designer

  • Malia Eugenio

    Malia Eugenio

    User Experience Designer

  • Kevin Nester

    Kevin Nester

    Customer Experience Manager

  • Rebecca Langford

    Rebecca Langford

    San Diego Office Manager

  • Ian Cowan

    Ian Cowan

    Customer Experience Lead

  • Colin Payne

    Colin Payne

    Customer Experience Lead

  • Craig Tolson

    Craig Tolson

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Michelle Papale

    Michelle Papale

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Trizza Nooris

    Trizza Nooris

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Earnest Pippen

    Earnest Pippen

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Mary Goings

    Mary Goings

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Joyce Brehe

    Joyce Brehe

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Marlou Aragon

    Marlou Aragon

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Marvin Fontanilla

    Marvin Fontanilla

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Niko Bowers

    Niko Bowers

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Shannon Forth

    Shannon Forth

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Nicole Korth

    Nicole Korth

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Abbey Magpoc

    Abbey Magpoc

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Brynne Peterson

    Brynne Peterson

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Nicholas Ippolito

    Nicholas Ippolito

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Kelly Todoulakis

    Kelly Todoulakis

    Customer Experience Advocate

  • Patrick Dunn

    Patrick Dunn

    Customer Experience Advocate

Office Pets

They're the reason we do what we do. Their smiling faces and personalities make our work all worth it. From beta-testing the first prototypes to taste-testing the things we have for lunch, they're our furry companions for good.

  • Duke


    Chief Snacks Officer

  • Sasha


    The Freshest of Princes

  • Buster


    Director of Fur-mware

  • Vitas


    Actual Dingo

  • Fiona


    Principal Snack Tester

  • Pearl


    Wanna play tug of war?!

  • Luca


    Notorious P.I.T.

  • Jax


    Jax of All Trades

  • Charlie


    Charlie in Charge

  • Sage


    VP of Giving Paw

  • Nelly


    O.G. Derp Queen

  • Caliope


    Resident Jungle Cat

  • Dexter


    Sr. Herding Engineer

  • Nicky


    Chief Instigator

  • Kaylee


    Techno Tech Test Dog

  • Alice


    Tier-2 Fetch Specialist

  • Zuzu


    Tennis Ball Analyst

  • Walle



  • Eva


    Resident Meow-sician

  • Chester


    The One-Eyed Thug

Select investors and advisors

  • Red Swan Ventures

    Angel investors in leading online brands

  • Slow Ventures

    Leading angel investors and former Facebook executives

  • Karl Townsend

    Hardware Lead, Google X

  • JP Kielsznia

    Hardware System Architect, Apple

  • Robyn Ward

    Head of New Media Ventures, United Talent Agency

  • Renee Niemi

    SVP of Products at Plantronics, Former VP of Marketing at Danger

  • Elizabeth Hamren

    Former VP of Marketing, Dropcam

  • John Gilmore

    Former VP of Operations at Nest Labs, Sling Media, and Virgin Electronics

  • Jateen Parekh

    Founder & CTO at Jelli, Former Head of Advanced Technology at Lab126

  • Carol Novello

    President at Humane Society Silicon Valley, Former VP & GM at Intuit

  • Charles Huang

    Co-Founder at Guitar Hero, Co-Founder & CEO at Green Throttle Games

  • Bob Gamgort

    CEO at Pinnacle Foods, Former North American President at Mars

  • Dr. Jeff Werber

    Founder and Veterinarian at the Century Veterinary Group

  • Dayo Esho

    Co-Founder at Rapleaf

  • Ivan Hindshaw

    Managing Partner at Bain & Company

  • Khaled Hussein

    Co-Founder at Crowdtilt

We're always looking to add to the pack.

If you have a passion for pets and a love of technology, then check out our open positions below. Feel free to email us at jobs@whistle.com and tell us more about yourself, even if you don’t see an exact fit.

Analytics and Optimization Manager

Senior Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails)

DevOps Engineer

Director of Customer Aquisition

Director of Brand and Product Marketing

Customer Experience Advocate

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