Living with Whistle Activity Monitor
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Track activity and rest

The Whistle provides a visual summary of your dog’s daily activities, including walks, playtime, and periods of rest. You can set a daily goal and monitor how your pup is doing throughout the day.

  • Set a goal

    Set a daily activity goal customized to your dog’s needs.

  • View highlights

    View highlights of the most interesting moments of the day, including walks, playtime, and rest periods.

  • Track progress

    Get a better sense when your dog is most active, including the type and quality of exercise they’re getting.

Share daily adventures

All owners can add photos and share notes to help one another stay connected and informed. You can share photos both privately among owners and publicly to your favorite social network.

  • Add photos

    Capture and share photos of the memorable moments you spend together.

  • Track Medication

    Record what medication your dogs takes.

  • Take notes

    Write custom notes or important reminders for your dog’s day.

  • Log food

    Track what and when your dog has eaten.

Check in while away

Stay connected to your dog whether you are away at work, on vacation, or gone for the day. You’ll be able to know what your dog is up to and see who they’re spending time with.

  • Connect when you're together

    Whistle uses your phone’s bluetooth to sync data to the cloud and show you who’s spending time with your dog. To connect a new owner with your dog, pair their phone with Whistle via Bluetooth.

  • Stay connected when you’re apart

    Whistle uses Wi-Fi to sync data to the cloud and send it to your phone. Ensure that you get the latest updates by connecting Whistle to multiple Wi-Fi networks – home, work, or any of your dog’s frequent hangout spots like your favorite pet hotel or daycare.

Create healthy habits

Whistle paints a full picture of your pet’s health and activity, tracking trends over time. We’re building a comprehensive database, providing access to key information that helps both you and your vet make more informed healthcare decisions about your dog.

  • Compare to similar dogs

    Whistle captures trends that allow you to compare your dog’s daily activity and rest to other dogs of the same breed, age and weight.

  • Monitor health trends

    Whistle provides a summary of trends based on your dog’s daily and weekly activity.

  • Discover key insights

    Whistle lets you know when your dog hits key milestones, while detecting changes in behavior as they occur.